“Eschatological Football” is the name of Ken’s personal b-log on the web.  Why Eschatological Football?  Well, its my way of speaking of the tension in which all believers live.  We live as citizens of another kingdom, of another world.  We live as strangers and aliens in this land.  We already experience what it means to be a part of God’s kingdom in the midst of this broken world.  But, at the same time, we are still in this world.  It is my own personal need to be reminded that I am a part of God’s kingdom and a lasting, unshakeable kingdom…not of this world.  At the same time, I cannot assume that God’s reign is here as much as it will ever be…if that was the case, then my hope would be very different.  Instead, I understand that I still live in the world and await God’s future reign over all.  That is where the “Football” comes in.  “Football” is the ultra-mundane, the norm.  Being a citizen of an eternal kingdom while still be a part of the Hokie nation (VT) is the tension that we all live in…and in which I must learn to live.  If I ever lose sight of either aspect, I will fail.  Thus, “Eschatological Football”. 

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