Here are your winners for the 5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Extravanganza!

The title “Pumpkin Master” for the year 2008-2009, and the award “Best All-Around Pumpkin” goes to…

Jessi Gates for “Harvest Moon, followed by “The Colonel” by James Dieckmeyer, and “Fish Bowl” by Beth Flower


The award for “Most Original Pumpkin” goes to…

“Baby-Eating Pumpkin” by Melissa Martin, followed by “Fish Bowl” by Beth Flower, and “Bones” by the Burns Family


The award for “Most Hallo-weenie Pumpkin” goes to…

“What’s a Harvest Festival” by Laura Gates, followed by “Aye-aye Captain” by Jay and Janelle Hobbs, and “Scary Tree” by Ashley Hughes


The “Aristry Award” goes to…

“Peonie Flower” by Molly Jefferson, followed by “The Colonel” by James Dieckmeyer and “Flower” by Stephanie and Jane Flower


And the “Best Self-Portrait” on a Pumpkin goes to…

“Harvest Moon” by Jessi Gates, followed by “Family Picture” by Tyler Flower and “JR” by JR Gates


In Palin-like fashion (or maybe not…we’ll wait and see), Jessi Gates of Anchorage, Alaska has swept two categories in the contest.  Her campaign was run well and her creativity won the day.  A full moon does definitely bring out the best in people.

Congratulations to Jessi!

The PCC hereby confers the title “Pumpkin Carving Master” upon Jessi Gates until October 31st of the year two-thousand and nine.