Anticipation has been foaming for the last week…

The phone lines have been jammed…

And not because of the highly anticipated prop 2 measure that allows chicken to stretch their legs…no, believe or not, people have been looking forward to voting on something even greater…

The Fifth Annual Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

Here are this year’s nominees:

1.  “Scary Tree” by Ashley Hughes (special category: Most Hallo-weenie)

2.  “Maggie the Dog” by Becky Layman (special category: Most artistic)

3.  “Fish Bowl” by Beth Flower (special category: Most Original)

4.  “Death Star” by Beth Martin (special category: Most Original)

5.  “It’s What a Pumpkin’s All About” by Bill Blakey (special category: Most Original)

6.  “Go Vols!” by Rachel Gates (special category:  Most Original)

7.  “Bones” by the Burns Family (special category: Most Original)

8.  “Lighthouse” by Cory Blakey (special category: Most Artistic)

9.  “Harvest Moon” by Jessi Gates (special category: Self-Portrait)

10.  “Helmet-O-Lantern” by Ken Flower (special category: Most Original)

11.  “Why So Serious” by Luke Brock (special category: Most Hallo-weenie)

12.  “Family Picture” by Tyler Flower (special category:  Self-Portrait)

13.  “Flower” by Stephanie and Jane Flower (special category:  Artistry Award)

14.  “A Happy Pumpkin” by Jake Brock, assisted by Mark and Sarah Jane (special category: Self-Portrait)

15.  “The Colonel” by James Dieckmeyer (special category: Artistry Award)

16.  “Popeye Anchor Tattoo” by James Van New Kirk (special category:  Artistry Award)

17.  “Aye-Aye Captain” by Jay and Jannelle Hobbs (special category:  Most Hallo-weenie)

18.  “What’s a Harvest Festival” by Laura Gates (special category: Most Hallo-weenie)

19.  “Baby-Eating Pumpkin” by Mellissa Martin (special category:  Most Original)

20.  “Peonie Flower” by Molly Jefferson (special category:  Artistry Award)

21.  “Orange M&M” by Ronnie Martin (special category:  Most Original)

22.  “Squidward” by Ryley Marble (special category:  Most Original)

23.  “Silence of the Pumpkin” by Tyler Gates (special category:  Most Original)

24.  “Callie” by Callie Jane Gates (special category: Most Hallo-weenie)

25.  “Jill” by Jill Gates (special category: Most Hallo-weenie)

26.  “JR” by JR Gates (special category:  Self-Portrait)

Here’s How to Vote:

You can only vote once in each category.  Voting will end when the clock strikes 12 (and its dark outside) of Sunday, Nov. 2nd.  Spread the Word!  Follow the link below to vote.

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