Every so often we get special visitors at our home. They don’t come down the chimney, they don’t leave quarters under our pillows, and they don’t even hide Easter eggs all over the place. No…instead these special visitors leave 40 rolls of that which we so depend on every single day…double-layered, quilted, ultra-soft charmin…Toilet Paper. Unfortunately they did not leave it in its packaging on the step with a bow around the box for future use. Instead, it was beautifully unraveled all over our yard, trees, cars, and driveway (thankfully they didn’t go for the roof…that would have been a pain). What a gift! We definitely are feeling the love at the Flower home. I mean, I was really hoping that I would get to spend an hour outside on Saturday morning picking wet toilet paper out of the grass and peeling it off the cars. Thankfully, it worked out that my dreams came true and this is how I spent the first hour of Saturday morning.

Actually, we do feel the love. I think we would be doing something wrong in ministry if we never got Tee-pee’d. Also, it allowed me to meet my neighbor, Bob. We have been chumps and had not yet really met our neighbor on our left hand side. He came outside when I was picking up and said…”I know how you feel, I was a Jr. High principle for a while.” Enough said. Amazingly, Bob and his wife have been attending our church for a few months now (the joys of a growing church…you meet people who have being going there for a year and you’ve never seen them before). Hopefully, we’ll get to know them better in the future.

Here’s the aftermath (unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to take a picture of the amazing job done).