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This past weekend, we got to have Maddie, Kale, Avery, and Auggie over for pizza and a movie. We watched Rattatouille…a sweet new movie about a chef Rat…it was totally unrealistic, though. I really don’t think that people in Paris would speak English. Other than that, it was really well done and true to the real-life story.

The kids came over in their sweet pj’s and we had a great time! Here is a photo-montage of the evening…

The cutest cousins in the world…


Our friends, the Martins, had a great Christmas sweater party and ginger-bread house making competition. The conversation flowed like wine and the good times flocked like the salmon of Capistrano! Here are some of the highlights.

Beth and Myself in our sweet Christmas sweaters…sorry about the glazed look on my face.

Brandon, Shannon, and Owen Capuano…Brandon, an old lady called and she wants her sweater back.

Melissa and Hannah in their glittery sweaters…Hannah actually won the competition.

Beth, Aubrey, Melissa, and Beth spreading the Christmas cheer.

And now…the gingerbread houses!

Aubrey made a S’more-Gingerbread Palace

Donovan did this one in honor of his brother-in-law, Donnie.

Hannah gave us an idea of what actually goes on inside a gingerbread home…

Scott crafted his out of home-made gingerbread logs for a nice rustic look. Melissa’s house collapsed after hours of intense labor and no pictures were taken in time.

Ken did a candy version of Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium

And the Winner Was: Beth’s Candyland Camp Ground…notice the RV on the right and the sweet gum tent.


Our friend, John Spring, came on down to Corona for some sweet hang-time. Here’s a picture of the guys at Bass Pro Shops…the coolest store in Southern California.

Hannah making new friends…

And Virginia Tech won the ACC championship, beating Boston College! A great reason to bust out the polyester baseball jersey!

Kale loaded the tree on top himself…Christmas Tree hunting at Target!

The Flowers, Blakeys, Nguyens, and Burns’ kids bundled up to go deep into the forest of Target to find the perfect Christmas trees.

Beth and I have been busy between Thanksgiving and now…prepare yourself for the flurry of posts and pictures!

We love Christmas!