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For the past three years, Beth and I have had the privilege of enjoying Thanksgiving with friends in Corona (to see pictures: go to

Our Assignment: The Turkey…this year, Dos Turkeys. Here are the chronicles of our turkeys.

Step One: Thaw and Brine Turkeys for 24 hours. (Brining is basically soaking them in salty sugar-water..the brine is brown because of brown sugar, not because of bile)

Step Two: While Turkey #2 continues brining, Beth prepares the oven bag for Turkey #1 (the oven bag cooks the turkey faster and seeps it in its juices…that’s a good thing).

Step Three: Taking Turkey #2 out of Brine and drying it (then place it in fridge to sit overnight).

Step Four: Do awkward pose with headless bird.

Step Five: Carve the Bird…here is some of the leftover carnage.

Step Six: Pile the Meat on a Platter…dark meat on one side, white on the other

The full carnage

Turkey #2 just out of the oven on Thanksgiving Day (cook it Chest-down so that the white meat soaks in the juices).

Step Seven: Ladies place turkey on amazingly decorated table with many other amazing foods.

Step Eight: Gorge! (The turkey is buried somewhere under the mashed potatoes and stuffing)

Step Nine: Enjoy Days of Leftovers…turkey sandwiches, turkey wraps, turkey soup, turkey burritos, turkey and peanut-butter, etc…


The Winner Is…


“Mummy-Mia Pumpkin-Pia” by Blake and Bekah Boys



Best Pumpkin of 2007

1. ”Pagans”’ by Aubrey Santamaria  9% (19 votes)

2. ”A Church” by Benjamin Robblee  0% (0 votes)

3. ”A Lonely Tree” by Billy Blakey  0% (1 votes)

4. ”Mummy-Mia Pumpkin-Pia’ by Blake and Bekah Boys  23% (50 votes)

5. ”A River Runs Through It” by Beth Flower  5% (10 votes)

6. ”Jack-O-Lantern” by Carol Hill  0% (0 votes)

7. ”Elephant” by Cory Blakey  1% (2 votes)

8. ”The Death of Death in the Death of Blinky” by Donovan Santamaria  1% (2 votes)

9. ”Emoticon” by Heather Nguyen  2% (5 votes)

10. ”The Happiest Pumpkin on Earth” by Janelle Steuber  2% (4 votes)

11. ”A Self-Portrait” by Jay Hobbs  0% (0 votes)

12. ”Transformers” by Jeremy Hong  0% (0 votes)

13. ”Pumpkin Scholar with Teeth” by Jessi Gates  23% (49 votes)

14. ”Pumpkin With the Flu” by Joel Hill  0% (1 votes)

15. ”Awesome Pumpkin” by Kale Burns  0% (1 votes)

16. ”Star-Struck” by Katherine Lemen  0% (1 votes)

17. ”Hand-Print” by Kayla  1% (2 votes)

18. ”Skyline” by Ken Flower  15% (32 votes)

19. ”Cow Jumping Over the Moon” by Madison Burns  1% (3 votes)

20. ”Shocked” by Matt and Amy Bradley  1% (2 votes)

21. ”ARGHH” by Matt and Kara Rehrer  1% (2 votes)

22. ”Scary Beast” by Mike Lemen  0% (0 votes)

23. ”Nice Shades” by Oscar  0% (0 votes)

24. ”Cannibal Pumpkin” by Ryan Lemen  6% (12 votes)

25. ”Africa” by Staci Worthington  0% (1 votes)

26. ”Smoldering Hope” by Scott Burns  4% (8 votes)

27. ”I-Pumpkin” by Tri Nguyen  1% (3 votes)

28. ”Stick-Your-Tongue-Out-Pumpkin” by Callie Jane Gates  1% (3 votes)

29. ”Australia” by Mark and Sarah Jane Brock  0% (1 votes)

30. ”Fall Leaves” by Tyler and Stephanie Flower  1% (3 votes)

Total voters for this poll: 217

Voting Ends Tonight at Midnight…

You may notice that the numbering of the entries got messed up in the blog post. Just use the title and creator name to vote on the poll.


PCC Officials

Here are the entries for the 4th annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Here’s how to vote:

A professional poll company,, has agreed to monitor the voting for this important world-wide contest. The numbers below correspond to the numbers in the poll. Follow this link to cast your vote (no double voting…the polldaddy officials will be all over it): Click Here to Vote

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Here are this year’s nominees…

  1. “Pagans” by Aubrey Santamaria
  2. “A Church” by Benjamin Robblee
  3. “A Lonely Tree” by Billy Blakey
  4. “Mummy-Mia Pumpkin-Pia” by Blake and Bekah Boys

  5. “A River Runs Through It” by Beth Flower
  6. “Jack-O-Lantern” by Carol Hill
  7. “Elephant” by Cory Blakey
  8. “The Death of Death in the Death of Blinky” by Donovan Santamaria
  9. “Emoticon” by Heather Nguyen
  10. “The Happiest Pumpkin on Earth” by Janelle Steuber
  11. “A Self-Portrait” by Jay Hobbs
  12. “Transformers” by Jeremy Hong
  13. “Pumpkin Scholar with Teeth” by Jessi Gates

  1. “Pumpkin with the Flu” by Joel Hill
  2. “Awesome Pumpkin” by Kale Burns
  3. “Star-Struck” by Katherine Lemen
  4. “Hand Print” by Kayla
  5. “Skyline” by Ken Flower
  6. “Cow Jumping Over the Moon” by Madison Burns
  7. “Shocked” by Matt and Amy Bradley
  8. “ARGHH” by Matt and Kara Rehrer

  9. “Scary Beast” by Mike Lemen
  10. “Nice Shades” by Oscar
  11. “Cannibal Pumpkin” by Ryan Lemen
  12. “Africa” by Staci Worthington
  13. “Smoldering Hope” by Scott Burns

  14. “I-Pumpkin” by Tri Nguyen
  15. “Stick-Your-Tongue-Out-Pumpkin” by Callie Jane Gates

“Australia” by Mark and Sarah Jane Brock


“Fall Leaves” by Tyler and Stephanie Flower


“Poll Daddy Pumpkin” by the Poll Daddy Team