So, I was lazy about 6 months ago and forgot to renew After it expired, some lame company bought it so they could sell it back to us for $200. Now, if you go to, there is some girl in a backpack. That’s okay…we are going to try to move on from to something new and fresh for our family.

The only problem is…Flower is a pretty common word and most domain names with flower in it are taken. We’ve already tried “theflowerfamily”, “flowerfamily,” and other similar names. Our creative juices have stopped flowing, and we don’t have any ideas.

Here’s where you come in. We need some new ideas (Beth says, “not cheesy”) for our family website name. The winner may get a homecooked dinner (if they are willing to travel to our house and pay for their own travel expenses). We may even let you stay overnight. (these prizes are only for people we know).

Any thoughts? Let the names start flowing…