Beth and I returned from a 12 day trip to Alaska on Thursday morning at about 1:30am. We went with 8 others from our church to serve at Tanalian Bible Camp in Port Alsworth, Alaska. The scenery was amazing, the fishing was great, the daylight was long, and most importantly God worked in our hearts and used us in the lives of others. We staffed a 5th and 6th grade bible camp for 7 days. These students come from small villages all over rural southwest Alaska. Many of the villages have only 1 church (if any) and that church may only be a Russian Orthodox Church (not exactly at the top of the list of churches to attend). Many of the villages are wrecked with alcohol and drug abuse and even physical abuse. Some of the students were stuck in a brutal foster care system. With that said, these were some amazing kids. Most of them had great joy and wanted to learn more about God. It seemed that God was working in many of their hearts. And they were a ton of fun. I got to teach the morning chapel sessions and the camp director, James Walsh, taught the evening sessions. Our team members were counselors in the cabins. They led some amazing cabin times and also pursued the students throughout the week…trying to help them understand and love the Gospel.

Here are some highlights of the week…

Some of the guys

Beth and some of her girls

The view from the camp chapel

My friend Lee from Illiamna, who bought me this hat

Derek’s senior picture at camp

The entire camp

My brother-in-law, JR, getting his Cessna 172 ready

Some fruits of fishing in Alaska (Sockeye Salmon)

















JR with a Sockeye Salmon

Burns got a couple, but I didn’t get a picture of any of them.

Our niece, Callie Jane Gates

Our niece, Jill Lorraine Gates

On our last day, our whole team went fishing at Bird Creek. It was a lot of fun.

Brandon got stuck…

Caeley got a silver Salmon

And I got one too!

Here’s the whole team from Northpoint