Beth and I got to go to Colorado March 21st to the 26th to visit Beth’s family. JR and Rachel, along with our nieces Callie and Jill, came down from Alaska. Here are some of the highlights:

Here is a picture of the whole family (including Beth’s Grandma Durner and Great Aunt Margaret)

This is Poppy’s new truck, “The Dude”. It’s a ’71 Chevy 350 Pick-up…pretty sweet.

Jim, JR and I went trap shooting one day…if the lowest score wins, then I won!

Jim taking aim…

JR doesn’t even have to aim…

I’m not sure what I’m aiming at…but notice the safety glasses and the sweet camo hat!

JR, Callie, and Chester enjoying the nice weather.

Eating-out at Marne and Poppy’s new favorite Thai food place.

Baby Jill with a big smile…

Marne and Callie Jane

Aunt Bethie and Callie Jane

Whose calves are better? These…

Or These?

Please take this last question seriously…it is very important.