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Day three with Maddie, Kale, and Avery was another fun and busy day. Church in the morning, lunch, naptime, pool time, dinner time, playground time, root-beer float time, and then bed-time (it may have been a bad call to do root-beer float time before bed time…we’ll see).

Here are some of the highlights:


Here’s day two of hanging with Maddie, Kale, and Avery.

Baking a cake…(Scott, Kale is wearing an apron, not a skirt)

Happy Birthday to Mom…from Maddie, Kale, and Avery!

The cake was nummy

Two very important events happened today.

Before… we have Maddie’s tooth about 5:00pm.

After…we have the tooth and another empty spot in Maddie’s mouth (about 8:00pm)

Also today, I (Ken) finally lost my dead toenail! In January, my ski boot killed it. It finally fell off at the end of April.

Before: Halfway there:

After: (It’s the big toe…the second toe always looks like that…it’s a mallet toe)

We have the privilege of having Madison, Kale, and Avery Burns stay at our house while their mom and dad are celebrating their anniversary.

Scott and Mellissa, these are not staged…its been a lot of fun so far! And as I said before…fake teeth never get old!

Not quite Bora Bora…

The Wiggles…captivating

Beth and I have the joy of watching Maddie, Kale, and Avery Burns for part of the time that their parents (Scott and Melissa) are in Bora Bora for their 10th anniversary. I’m sure Scott will have amazing pictures soon to follow their trip (

We are super excited to spend the weekend with Maddie, Kale, and Avery and even got some fun things to play with. One of the presents, a set of fake teeth, couldn’t wait till the weekend to be opened (we did wash them after using them).

I’m sure most of you have heard the news by now. An unknown gunman went on a shooting rampage on the campus of Virginia Tech this morning at 7:15am. 32 people were killed by the gunman, who is now dead. Not much information has been released regarding the particulars of this atrocious event. For up-to-date information, go to:

Let’s be sure to pray for the following list of on-campus Bible studies. Most of these ministries are hosting prayer nights tonight for students and the VT community. Pray for their own comfort and for steadfast trust in our great God during this trial. Also, pray that God will give them wisdom and strength as they love, care for, and talk with countless students regarding what has happened. These student bible fellowships will probably have the most interaction and connection with the thousands of students who will be wondering how such a wicked thing could happen. Let’s pray that the Gospel goes out to soft and open hearts and sinks in deep.

Pray also for the numerous churches in the area…that they will know how to best care for the Blacksburg community and that they will have opportunity to both speak and live the Gospel in a loving and winsome way in the midst of a chaotic situation.

Here’s the list of many of the on-campus ministries:

Reformed University Fellowship at Virginia Tech

Campus Crusade for Christ at VT

Canterbury (Episcopal) Fellowship

Baptist Collegiate Ministries at Virginia Tech

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Christ’s Church at Virginia Tech

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Lutheran Student Movement

The Navigators

New Life Campus Fellowship

Presbyterian Campus Ministry at VT

Wesley Foundation at Virginia Tech

Also…the Desiring God blog has re-posted some thoughts from John Piper (originally written in response to Columbine) on how to minister to those who are suffering: What to Say About Virginia Tech

My brother, Tyler, and his fiance, Stephanie, came down to Corona for a fun-filled weekend of awesomeness.  A wonderful time was had by all.  The capstone event for the weekend was crepe-making and eating them too.  The Blakey’s came over, and Tri and Heather were already here.  Here is a glimpse of the festivities…

Strange sitings in Greeley, CO…not sure what to make of it.

So, Beth and I went to Target last night to look at digital cameras (ours is starting to die), and ended up buying an alarm clock instead (ours is also starting to die).

The alarm clock we were using (till last night) was my dad’s alarm clock from the early 80’s. I think it was made the day I was born. It has been a faithful reminder to start the day, but has more frequently been letting us down when we really need to wake up. So it was time to upgrade…

Here’s the old one…

Here’s the “Sony Dream-Sleeper”…

If the power goes out and comes back on…it won’t lose the alarm time that you set…and it has a battery back-up to keep running.

Also, it automatically sets itself. Check out the amazing orange glow…

This was a tension filled meeting between old and new…notice the big “F” (it stands for “Flower” in case you were wondering)

This past weekend, Beth and I got to drive up north to Petaluma to celebrate Resurrection weekend with our friends Blake, Bekah, and Owen Boys.

Here’s a better one of Owen Edward Boys

Beth and I

We drove all the way through beautiful Napa Valley, California

Beth and I got to go to Colorado March 21st to the 26th to visit Beth’s family. JR and Rachel, along with our nieces Callie and Jill, came down from Alaska. Here are some of the highlights:

Here is a picture of the whole family (including Beth’s Grandma Durner and Great Aunt Margaret)

This is Poppy’s new truck, “The Dude”. It’s a ’71 Chevy 350 Pick-up…pretty sweet.

Jim, JR and I went trap shooting one day…if the lowest score wins, then I won!

Jim taking aim…

JR doesn’t even have to aim…

I’m not sure what I’m aiming at…but notice the safety glasses and the sweet camo hat!

JR, Callie, and Chester enjoying the nice weather.

Eating-out at Marne and Poppy’s new favorite Thai food place.

Baby Jill with a big smile…

Marne and Callie Jane

Aunt Bethie and Callie Jane

Whose calves are better? These…

Or These?

Please take this last question seriously…it is very important.