Here are some more pictures of Beth and I’s Christmas trip to Alaska to see JR, Rachel, Callie, and baby Jill.  We’ve spent a lot of time hanging out.  We’ve had some great meals…and lots of prime-rib.  We got to skiing on Wednesday, and on an amazing snow-machine trip near Denali on Thursday.  It’s been so good to spend time with family.  I go back to Corona tommorrow, and Beth follows on Monday. (click on picture to see it BIG).

100_5631.JPG     100_5656.JPG  (Left: Callie’s new Dora Jeep…it really goes)(Right: Callie and Me)

100_5662.JPG     100_5664.JPG   (Left: Beth and Me after a great day of skiing with JR and Andrew Cornelius at Alyeska Ski Resort…we got to ski above the timberline!) (Right: JR and I went on a snowmachine trip for all of Thursday in Talkeetna, near Mt. McKinley…this is a pic of some dog-sled teams we ecountered on the snow machines).

100_5678.JPG     100_5683.JPG  These pics are on our snow machine trip.  (Left: Jason Hinkle in the middle of nowhere…he and his brother, family friends of the Gates, took us out on a 60 mile snow-machine trip into Northern Alaska) (Right: My brother-in-law, JR, looking good on his snow machine)

100_5684.JPG     100_5686.JPG  (Left: A view of the mountains from our machine trip) (Right: Yours Truly, using all-borrowed stuff…actually the gloves were mine).