I realized something this past week.  Creating a new blog is way more fun than updating an existing blog with posts.  I love getting to pick from all the different templates and seeing how the whole thing looks.  Instead of actually putting posts up every week, instead my new plan is to create a new blog every week…with the same post.  Thats probably a bad idea…but I did create this new blog because I think wordpress is the coolest kid in class.  Blogspot is more like the kind of akward kid in class that has moments of glory.  There really is no need to have a new blog, but I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting for my connecting flight to Alaska for Christmas and Beth is already there…so needless to say I’m pretty bored.  Plus, they have slot machines at all the gates just in case you are only passing through Vegas and you might miss your chance with Lady Luck.  So here it goes…a fresh start…a clean slate…a tabula rosa (I think that means clean slate)…a budding flower in the garden of blogdom.  Most likely this will not be updated any more often than the last blog, but enjoy the new layout!

The Flowers