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Here are some more pictures of Beth and I’s Christmas trip to Alaska to see JR, Rachel, Callie, and baby Jill.  We’ve spent a lot of time hanging out.  We’ve had some great meals…and lots of prime-rib.  We got to skiing on Wednesday, and on an amazing snow-machine trip near Denali on Thursday.  It’s been so good to spend time with family.  I go back to Corona tommorrow, and Beth follows on Monday. (click on picture to see it BIG).

100_5631.JPG     100_5656.JPG  (Left: Callie’s new Dora Jeep…it really goes)(Right: Callie and Me)

100_5662.JPG     100_5664.JPG   (Left: Beth and Me after a great day of skiing with JR and Andrew Cornelius at Alyeska Ski Resort…we got to ski above the timberline!) (Right: JR and I went on a snowmachine trip for all of Thursday in Talkeetna, near Mt. McKinley…this is a pic of some dog-sled teams we ecountered on the snow machines).

100_5678.JPG     100_5683.JPG  These pics are on our snow machine trip.  (Left: Jason Hinkle in the middle of nowhere…he and his brother, family friends of the Gates, took us out on a 60 mile snow-machine trip into Northern Alaska) (Right: My brother-in-law, JR, looking good on his snow machine)

100_5684.JPG     100_5686.JPG  (Left: A view of the mountains from our machine trip) (Right: Yours Truly, using all-borrowed stuff…actually the gloves were mine).


100_5608.JPG     100_5599.JPG    100_5600.JPG

Merry Christmas Eve!  Beth and I are in Alaska right now enjoying the snow and spending time with family (JR, Rachel, Callie, and Jill)…Here’s a great picture of Beth and our niece, Callie Jane.  Also, above is a picture of me and our new niece (2 weeks old) Jill Lorraine.  We’ll be posting more pictures soon.  Love you guys,

 Ken and Beth


 I realized something this past week.  Creating a new blog is way more fun than updating an existing blog with posts.  I love getting to pick from all the different templates and seeing how the whole thing looks.  Instead of actually putting posts up every week, instead my new plan is to create a new blog every week…with the same post.  Thats probably a bad idea…but I did create this new blog because I think wordpress is the coolest kid in class.  Blogspot is more like the kind of akward kid in class that has moments of glory.  There really is no need to have a new blog, but I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting for my connecting flight to Alaska for Christmas and Beth is already there…so needless to say I’m pretty bored.  Plus, they have slot machines at all the gates just in case you are only passing through Vegas and you might miss your chance with Lady Luck.  So here it goes…a fresh start…a clean slate…a tabula rosa (I think that means clean slate)…a budding flower in the garden of blogdom.  Most likely this will not be updated any more often than the last blog, but enjoy the new layout!

The Flowers